How do I uninstall Netspark Mobile from an Android device?

How do I uninstall Netspark Mobile from an Android device?

In order to uninstall Netspark Mobile from your device, please complete the following steps:

Keep in mind:
Removing the app from your device doesn't cancel the account.
In order to cancel please follow this guide

1. Open Netspark Mobile application on your device  .

2. Press the Menu button on the upper-left corner of your screen.

3. Press Remove Netspark.

4. If the Uninstall Protection is enabled, you will be required to enter your removal password. Your can retrieve your removal password by logging in to the management website and clicking on Display the password, which is located in the Protection Settings column (next to the key image).

5. Enter the removal password exactly as it appears on the management website (the password starts with Ns1-) and press Uninstall.

6. When prompted, press OK.

7. Once Netspark is removed, enter your device's Settings => Security or Lock screen and security => Press Clear credentials. On some devices, this option may appear under Advanced Security Settings > Encryption & credentials.

8. Restart your device and make sure all Netspark components have been removed.

Attempts to remove the app through the "App manager" or the "Device administrator" can result in locking your device.