Why can't I access secure websites (Google, Gmail, Facebook etc.)?

Why can't I access secure websites (Google, Gmail, Facebook etc.)?

When accessing a secure website (the URL begins with "https://"), it must verify that the certificate presented by the website is valid. If the Netspark security certificate is not installed, the connection to these websites will be stopped and an error page will be displayed:

In order to fix this issue, you must install the Netspark security certificate. Please note! before installing the certificate, you must set a lock screen.

In order to install the Netspark security certificate, please follow these steps:

1. Open Netspark Mobile application on your device.

2. Open the application menu by pressing the Netspark "Menu" button (on the top right of the screen).

3. When the menu appears, press "Install Security Certificate".

4. When the following screen appears, press "OK".

5. If you receive a "Type the password for credential storage" prompt, you must enter your lockscreen password. If you haven't set one, please set a lockscreen now, then try again.
6. The certificate is installed. Restart your device.