Install Netspark from Play Store

Install Netspark from Play Store

Netspark can easily be installed from Google Play Store, following these simple steps:

1. Open Play store on your Android device and find Netspark parental control 

2. Click install and then click Open

Read through the Terms and Conditions in the Privacy policy and click Accept to continue to installation process

3. Click Install if you already have subscribed, if you still haven't subscribed you can do it from the Play store using your Google Pay credentials
4. Enter the activation code and click install 

5. Click continue and activate accessibility for Netspark

6. Click continue and allow usage data access

7. Click continue and allow app to appear on top of other apps

8. Click continue and approve VPN connection

9. Determine Uninstall protection

Parents decide weather Netspark will be protected from removal by a password or will be removable by any user.

   Click YES to be only able to remove Netspark using a password from the management site or using the password you have set to manage your account
    Click NO to be able to remove Netspark any time by anyone

the password can be found secured in your admin panel and can only be viewed by the parent holding the account password

Read more about uninstall protection here

On Samsung devices, you will be prompted to approve Samsung Knox Privacy Policy for an additional layer of protection and security.

Thank you for choosing Netspark Mobile!
After completing the installation, you will see a key  icon  on the notification bar. The key or lock icon is the Android symbol for VPN service and it will remain within the notification bar when the filter is enabled.