What is the Custom Filtering Level?

What is the "Custom" Filtering Level?

If you are looking for a more customized web experience, you can set our "Custom Filtering Level". The Custom Filtering Level allows you to define how Netspark filters different content categories of websites and apps (for more information about our content categories, visit this article).

In order to set the Custom Filtering Level, please follow these steps:

1.  Open the Netspark Mobile app on your device.

2. Login with your admin email address and password.

3. Select the device you'd like to set the Custom Filtering Level for from the device list (the default selected device is your device).

4. Press the Filter Level button and choose the Custom Filtering Level.

5. Press the Categories tab. Your screen will now display the list of all of Netspark's content categories. The Filtering Level displayed for each category is based on Filtering Level that was set prior to setting the Custom Level.

6. Choose the desired filter level for each category.